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An electronic book is on its way.


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Will you be my friend?

by Jeba the Hound

Cloud, and Comet, and I  were in Folly Beach Town recuperating.


We  had just completed a string of performances with the National State Fair circuit, and

were booked for New Year’s Eve, so it was time to score new scenes above the  Atlantic Ocean.

But not today!

    Halloween Day, and children


were out on the shore early, eager for some howling fun.



But it was not my wooofing we were hearing. Too eerie?

I MAY need a friend. Will you come along?


“Don’t Miss the Show.”

The signs were posted.


Ha, huge waves from past years of octopus frights.

But first Bubba’s BUBBBBABOOOM

 would  signal the tricks and the treatings to begin.

 In the meantime….

The Crabs were throwing their annual All Hallow’s Eve  Day Party.

The beach was humming with

preparatory movement.

oh my

I WILL need some friends, if only for the party.


UFO never failed us on Halloween. Her arrival was right on time.  Was there Flutter in her descent?

 I ask again, come along friends.

I”ll be your friend,” said the crabs  Then they packed up the Halloween Cafe and left.
I sensed that the the crabs sensed skullduggery.  Octopus had performed this show on time every year for centuries,
but not today.oh myPlus, Octopus and Comet had been friends since 163 BC and their history of achieving mischief is well known on Folly Beach.


When he is around.


Darkness rose.  The town lit up.

Trick or treating SHOULD commence.

But we never begin without Octopus and Octopus never begins

without Bubba.

Comet sent a snare deep into the sea hoping to, at the least, rouse Octopus.

The waves were erratic.

The children were afraid.


I need a friend.

Back and forth. Back and forth.



The crabs’  taunts were sounding  like  “HELP ” not “HA” .

A putrid purple pink was rising across the sky.

Cloud in a huge and horrific form?

Without choice, I leapt, high into the sky  finding myself alone (where are my friends?) holding a stick of some sort, which I immediately plummeted into the ghostly form.

When I pulled the stick out, I noticed that it was one of the Crab’s black stick canapes.


Cloud said,

“I’ll never make it.”

Cloud always traveled to Denmark on Halloween Day, where she performed in The a Phantom of the Opera.

 What culprit  had conspired to keep

Cloud in Folly Beach Town on Halloween?


Whoever, they failed.

UFO  looked at me lying in a mess of crabs, (yes I had fallen )and said,  “Let’s find out.”

For the children’s sake.


I swam for North Point,


and to my chagrin, found BlowFish

and to my chagrin, found BlowFish

spewing vileness and more.

Tied up.

Unable to commence the show.

 Of course Comet was hanging around too.

COMET said, “Happy Halloween.





 Within no time

We were back on the shore.

oh my

OCTOPUS arose  and the  treating commenced .

Correction. We were all on the shore with one exception.  Comet  will be back shortly, after

a quick trip to Denmark with a passenger resembling a cloud.

Ha ha and happy Halloween to all.

Love Jeba The Hound.

Notes to Will : an ongoing blog

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Conversation from two nights ago.

how is English



really hard

what r u reading

Mumbles and Antigione


how is class

four or five  kids dominate the discussion with their deep ideas

There is no mention of boredom.

(should I edit  this interjection?)

I don’t like to think deep

they so busy thinking about deep

they can’t listen to my deep thoughts

we talk  bad food, our fall visit,

haven’t we been to Gettysburg before  guess not  mumbles



photo 38 is a portal to a scary story!

Sea of Love

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Sea of Love

Wishing all a sweet pink day.

let winter commence

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let winter commence


let winter commence

let winter commence

by jeba the hound

let winter commence

with fanfare for the commonality

that is all hear hear


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by jebathehound/ jeba writes occasional posts about his friend Will’s journey through middle school

I was driving my young friend Will to school, and noticed the faintest hint of whisker between his nose and lip.  I have not written about Will  and the middle school years, as much as I thought I would.   I have scouted out other’s writings.  For Will’s Mom,  I found  a book by a high school counselor who advises her to give up being a manager in lieu of becoming the consulting mom.  Keeps abandonment at bay.


Also a few books to enlighten her way.

I have given Will books too.


John Stewart’s Earth  has been particularly well received.

One thing I see is that this is a time when these young teens can veer ahead when they find a single passion.   One of Will’s friends started banging out tunes on the piano.  Will started shooting hoops for hours.  Like the hound that I am,  I encouraged Will to join his school basketball team.  (Actually I howled at Will to join the school team.  This is Not a Consulting Stance).   Why? I had seen Will make a flip book of a stick figure making gravity defying hoops  Flipping through, I felt Will’s insides flying.   He didn’t join the team though.

He needed to find a comfort zone from which to jump.   There are cliques in these middle school years that make it for a boy to want to fall.    But once a middle schooler finds a passion, life can get great.  Will’s piano clanging friend switched to art school.  Will  started hanging with the Young Men of Color at his school;  they found color in his whiteness and Will found his basketball uber, and joinied the team.  

I did it my way.  (With us consulting.)

DAY OF THE DEAD Nov 1, 2011

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rest with us today

not forgetting the bella of the past

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strange sighting in charlotte nc

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Strange sighting in charlotte nc.  Speculation suggests this might be the elusive rehearsal hall used by The Fleas.

THE MIDDLE SCHOOL YEARS #2 speak love/feb 2010

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so how hard for a us to speak love  love jeba  giraffe language though it is